Croatia: Barcelona Olympics 1992 Stamps On "Stop the War In Croatia" Cover

After a long time, I am sharing another magnificent item from my collection. It is a beautiful yet strange First Day Cover (FDC) from Croatia. The strange thing is that the FDC is issued for "Stop the War in Croatia" but the stamps used on the cover are not the same. The two stamps pasted in the top-right corner of the cover comprise of the complete set of stamps issued by Croatia to mark the event of Barcelona Summer Olympics 1992

Another Stamp in the bottom-center of the FDC is issued for Zrinski–Frankopan, which according to Google is another name for Magnate Conspiracy. It is 17th century attempt to throw off Habsburg and other foreign influences over Hungary and Croatia.
 This Croatian FDC is a nice mix of various items from 1992 and 1993, I believe. The postmark on the FDC is from some other sports stamp of 1993, but I could not find them.
 You can contribute and share your knowledge on the stamps, FDC or the Postmarks, if you know anything! I shall be obliged!

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