Holy Kaa'ba In Al-Masjid Al-Haraam, Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Here is another postcard from my collection. I have kept this post card since I was a child. This piece of collection was sent to my father by one of his friends Mr Shahid Naseem more than 20 years ago. The card was sent as a greeting card on the Eid day.

It is a 3-D sort of a card. I do not know exactly what such cards are called and I would appreciate if some of you can help me. Basically the card shows TWO different views of Holy Kaa'ba - A closed photo and a distant one. Both can be viewed by slightly moving or tilting the postcard's front side. (It was difficult to scan both images separately but one can clearly make out both the photos from the uploaded image). While a distant image is clearer in the picture, a closer look of the Kaa'ba's building can be observed towards left side of the postcard.

Although the card features the photos of Holy Kaa'ba which is located in Saudi Arabia, interestingly the postcard is "Made in Japan". On the back of the postcard, it states "Wonder Co., Tokyo, Made in Japan". I would also be grateful for some friends who can clear whether this postcard should be counted in postcard collection from Saudi Arabia or from Japan. Its manufactured in Japan but posted from Saudi Arabia.

I can also send a postcard from Afghanistan(Made in Afghanistan with landscapes or pictures of Afghanistan) to interested collectors with Pakistani Stamps for swap. Anyone interested?

Best Regard.

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