India - President's Fleet Review, Visakhapatnam

After a long absence, finally I managed to post a new First Day Cover (FDC) on the blog. Thus time it is a gorgeous FDC from India featuring 4 stamps showing submarines, aircraft carrier, helicopters, aircrafts and battle ships.
 The set of four postage stamps to commemorate President’s Review of Fleet at Visakhapatnam was issued by India Post on February 12, 2006. Each stamp is of the denomination of Rs 5
India Security Press printed the stamps in sheets of 16 stamps that is 4 se-tenant blocks by Photo Gravure in the quantity of 0.8 million blocks.The stamps are printed 4 x 4 and the vertical row 1 and 4 are 54 mm in width while vertical row 2 and 3 are only 52.5 mm. As the stamps in vertical row 1 and 3 (also row 2 and 4) are identical this results in two size for all the four stamps. While overall block size remains same in all cases, the individual stamps differ in size with the horizontally adjacent block.
 The marking on the FDC shows a large number of Naval Arsenal held by Indian Navy, mentioning the name of every submarine or war ship.
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