Pakistan: The Most Beautiful Place In The World

I recently got a chance to visit the beautiful Kaghan Valley once again. It was as beautiful as ever. Here I would like to share some nice pictures of the visit and I am sure that you will like these photos.
The first one is a beautiful landscape where the sky is covered with low clouds. Small glaciers can also be seen coming down from the mountains. Water is as clear as ever.
Nature at its best: Enjoy this beautiful snap which is a perfect example of co-existence between animals like horses, sheep, etc. A huge glacier in the background has added color to the greenery on the ground.
 Horses roaming around in the vast lands near Barawai in Kaghan/ Naran Valley.
 Wait for more because the Best Pictures are yet to come.

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  1. Pakistan is a very special country for tourism international tourists are now a days feeling threats but believe me we took flights to Islamabad from Heathrow last year, there was well established security system and some areas are effected rest of them were fully threat free.