How Can You Miss This Pakistan Philippines Joint Issue???

Lately Pakistan Post has issued this beautiful stamp on the 60th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Pakistan and Philippines.  The stamp was issued on 9 Sep 2009 and is of Rs 5 denomination.
"Pakistan and the Philippines have always enjoyed friendly and cordial relations. Both countries were partners in defunct SEATO. There are many commonalities between the two countries. Both are Asian and developing countries and share the common objectives of peace and development. The two countries also share the experience of colonial past and have large English speaking populations. Both countries have been supporting each others candidatures at various international fora."
I know that there is a huge number of stamp,FDC and Postcard collectors in Philippines and I am sure that None of them will like to miss this one. I also love it when some other country features Pakistan flag on any philatelic material..... Its always a MUST-HAVE item for any one in Philippines at least.

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