Frozen Paradise: Early Summer Scenes Of Lalusar Lake In Naran Valley

Coming over to the highlight of the visit - Travelling to the partially frozen Lalusar Lake. Extremely hot weather in Southern Pakistan has failed to do any harm to the magnificent Lalusar Lake. The first picture shows the Northern portion of the lake where the lake is almost completely frozen because of the lack of direct sunlight falling on it.
Another nice photo of northern portion of the lake. A huge glacier can be seen falling directly into the lake.
The middle portion of the lake is filled with clear green water with a couple of ice bergs floating on it. Pure natural beauty without a blend of pollution caused by mankind.
The southern bend of the lake completely covered with white sheet ofsnow. Beautiful, isn't it?
The southern portion of the lake is partially frozen. In fact a few of the icebergs are roaming around in the water. My dad absolutely loves this place.

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